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    The University has the right to grant Doctoral degrees, as well as it is the first batch of colleges or universities which are authorized to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees throughout China. One discipline(Chemistry) enters global top 100 according to the Essential Science Indicators. The university currently has four mobile post-doctoral stations and one post-doctoral scientific research work station. It has three disciplines in which it is authorized to grant doctoral degrees at the highest level and twenty-six in which it is authorized to grant doctorates at the second level. There are twenty-six disciplines in which it is authorized to grant Master’s degrees at the first level and thirty six at the second level (not including those covered by the first-level authorization), together with 15 other programmes which may grant professional Master’s degrees. There are eighty seven undergraduate majors, among which six are national level specialized majors, and twenty-five provincial level “trade-mark” majors. In the Twelfth Five-year Plan categories, there are four disciplines at the Province's upper level and nine which are key Provincial level disciplines in higher education. There are three Master’s programmes recognized as Twelfth Five-year Plan Provincial level models for higher education.
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